Racing series

The Pro Race Model was developed for advanced riders and competition use.
No bilge pump in the exhaust, light weight, open exhaust for more torques. No warrantee.

This Model is suitable for competition use in the JetSurf World Series, as well as for advanced riders.


Length 1800mm
Width 600mm
Thickness 150mm
Weight 14 kg (ready to race including fuel)
Type Two-stroke engine specifically developed for Jetsurf
Displacement 100 cc
Max speed 57 km/h (35 mph)
Battery Li-FePO4, the battery is not recharged by the engine, there is no accumulator, therefore the driving time without battery recharge is approximately 4 hours.
Fuel consumption max 2 L / hour
Gasoline gasoline + oil mix; ratio 1:30
gasoline 95 oc minimum, and marina full synthetic oil
The Jetsurf is equipped with an automatic electronic control unit with auto start/stop function.